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Security check


a search of a person or property for concealed weapons or bombs


Read Also:

  • Security-council

    noun 1. the division of the United Nations charged with maintaining international peace, composed of five permanent members (U.S., Russian Federation, France, United Kingdom, and the People’s Republic of China) and ten temporary members, each serving for two years. Security Council noun 1. a permanent organ of the United Nations established to maintain world peace. […]

  • Security-guard

    noun 1. a uniformed guard employed by a bank, airport, office building, etc., to maintain security. security guard noun 1. a person employed to protect buildings, people, etc, and to collect and deliver large sums of money

  • Security of tenure

    noun 1. (in Britain) the right of a tenant to continue to occupy a dwelling or site unless the landlord obtains a court order for possession of the property or termination of the tenancy agreement

  • Security-police

    noun 1. a police force responsible for maintaining order at a specific locale or under specific circumstances, as at an airport or factory. 2. a police force concerned with detecting and preventing enemy espionage. 3. secret police.

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