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the domain of a seigneur.
(in French Canada) land originally held by grant from the king of France.
noun (pl) -gneuries
the estate of a seigneur


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  • Seignior

    noun, (sometimes initial capital letter) 1. a lord, especially a feudal lord; ruler. noun 1. a less common name for a seigneur 2. (in England) the lord of a seigniory

  • Seigniorage

    noun 1. something claimed by a sovereign or superior as a prerogative. 2. a charge on bullion brought to the mint to be coined. 3. the difference between the cost of the bullion plus minting expenses and the value as money of the pieces coined, constituting a source of government revenue. noun 1. something claimed […]

  • Seigniorial

    adjective 1. of or relating to a seignior.

  • Seigniory

    noun, plural seigniories. 1. the power or authority of a seignior. 2. History/Historical. a lord’s domain. noun (pl) -gniories, -gnories 1. less common names for a seigneury 2. (in England) the fee or manor of a seignior; a feudal domain 3. the authority of a seignior or the relationship between him and his tenants 4. […]

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