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to render .
Photography. to render (a film or the like) to light or other forms of radiant energy.
Immunology. to render to an antigenic substance.
to become sensitized.
Historical Examples

To sensitize, immerse the silk in a 20 grain solution of silver nitrate for about sixteen minutes.
Photographic Amusements, Ninth Edition Walter E. Woodbury and Frank R. Fraprie

Use unglazed writing-paper, and sensitize a strip at the top a little larger than the picture to be printed on it.
Harper’s Round Table, September 10, 1895 Various

To sensitize the plates I employ a bath of bichromate of potash of six per cent, and again dry them.
Scientific American, Vol. XLIII.–No. 1. [New Series.], July 3, 1880 Various

to make or become sensitive
(transitive) to render (an individual) sensitive to a drug, allergen, etc
(transitive) (photog) to make (a material) sensitive to light or to other actinic radiation, esp to light of a particular colour, by coating it with a photographic emulsion often containing special chemicals, such as dyes

1856, in photography; see sensitive + -ize. Of persons from 1880. Related: Sensitized; sensitizing.

sensitize sen·si·tize (sěn’sĭ-tīz’)
v. sen·si·tized, sen·si·tiz·ing, sen·si·tiz·es
To make hypersensitive or reactive to an antigen, such as pollen, especially by repeated exposure.


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