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the sensuality of Keats’s poetry.
unrestrained indulgence in pleasures.
lewdness; unchastity.
Contemporary Examples

The spring collection was intended to expound on the female body, sensuality and skin–but not nudity.
Louis Vuitton, Chanel, McQueen Cap Paris Spring 2013 Fashion Week Shows Robin Givhan October 2, 2012

It is in no way my job to embody an idealized form of beauty and sensuality.
Angelina’s Bold Boob Move Michelle Cottle May 13, 2013

The premise comes and goes, however, and even the rest of “Clouds” focuses more on sensuality than sci-fi.
Prince Returns From the Wilderness and, Thankfully, Is as Restless as Ever Keith Phipps September 30, 2014

It was while working with the company on its sensuality, Sexuality, Survival!
Sex After Breast Cancer Debby Herbenick PhD October 17, 2011

My natural enthusiasm led me to try it all and discover my own quirky sense of sensuality.
Confessions of a Porn MILF Aurora Snow August 8, 2010

Historical Examples

The books refer to the life of Antony and Cleopatra as being given over to sensuality, licentiousness, profligacy.
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 7 Elbert Hubbard

For most of us the strain of sensuality in our loves is very strong.
The Truth About Woman C. Gasquoine Hartley

I had resisted, the allurements of sensuality and dissipation incident to my age.
Edgar Huntley Charles Brockden Brown

An odour of luxury and sensuality floated through the apartment.
Masterpieces of Mystery Various

Worldliness, sensuality, and devilism are things helped forward by their gibberish.
Gipsy Life George Smith

noun (pl) -ties
the quality or state of being sensual
excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures

mid-14c., “the part of man that is concerned with the senses,” from Old French sensualite “the five senses; impression,” from Late Latin sensualitatem (nominative sensualitas) “capacity for sensation,” from Latin sensualis “endowed with feeling, sensitive,” from sensus “feeling” (see sense (n.)). Chiefly “animal instincts and appetites,” hence “the lower nature regarded as a source of evil, lusts of the flesh” (1620s).


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