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pertaining to or affecting .
free from or cleaned of germs and other microorganisms.
exceptionally clean or neat.
free of contamination or pollution.
an antiseptic agent.
Contemporary Examples

Getting off the elevator at the fourth floor, he thumped across the antiseptic hallway.
Football Great Bob Suffridge Wanders Through the End Zone of Life Paul Hemphill September 5, 2014

Before antibiotics, most newborn eyes were treated with an antiseptic, and Barnes pushed Argyrol as the cure of choice.
Philadelphia’s Reopened Barnes Foundation Puts Its Masterpieces in a Better Light Blake Gopnik May 17, 2012

And I have to have whiskey because alcohol is both an antiseptic and an anesthetic.
My Reverse-Cyrano Moment Wooing the Supreme Court P. J. O’Rourke March 29, 2014

How did that survive the vetting at this often timid and antiseptic White House?
Michael Tomasky: With Joe Biden’s Speech, The Democrats Finally Man Up Michael Tomasky April 27, 2012

The debates certainly would never have been this hermetically sealed and antiseptic.
McCain’s Brilliant Campaign, Four Years Too Late Caroline Marks November 3, 2008

Historical Examples

antiseptic gauze and hot-water bottles were as alien as the Germans to her.
Young Hilda at the Wars Arthur Gleason

Soap, as an antiseptic, 326;its relation to hard and soft water, 134.
Rural Hygiene Henry N. Ogden

In the composition of this letter George washed his hands of responsibility with, you might say, antiseptic care.
The Sturdy Oak Samuel Merwin, et al.

Compare “antiseptic,” “antinomian,” “ultramontane,” “semicircle.”
“Stops” Paul Allardyce

“Lift your chin,” Lea said, brandishing the antiseptic applicator she had found in the medicine kit.
Planet of the Damned Harry Harrison

of, relating to, or effecting antisepsis
entirely free from contamination
(informal) lacking spirit or excitement; clinical
an antiseptic agent or substance

1750, coined from anti- “against” + septic. Figurative use by 1820. As a noun meaning “an antiseptic substance” by 1803.

antiseptic an·ti·sep·tic (ān’tĭ-sěp’tĭk)

Of, relating to, or producing antisepsis.

Capable of preventing infection by inhibiting the growth of infectious agents.

A substance that inhibits the proliferation of infectious agents.
A substance that inhibits the proliferation of infectious microorganisms.


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