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the stress pattern or patterns associated with words as arranged in sentences in a particular language.
sentence stress
the stress given to a word or words in a sentence, often conveying nuances of meaning or emphasis


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  • Sentence substitute

    noun 1. a word or phrase, esp one traditionally classified as an adverb, that is used in place of a finite sentence, such as yes, no, certainly, and never

  • Sentencing circle

    noun 1. a method of dispensing justice amongst native Canadian peoples involving discussion between offenders, victims, and members of the community

  • Sententia

    noun, plural sententiae [sen-ten-shee-ee] /sɛnˈtɛn ʃiˌi/ (Show IPA) 1. an aphorism; maxim.

  • Sentential

    adjective 1. pertaining to or of the nature of a sentence.

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