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[seer-ee-uh l-ak-ses] /ˈsɪər i əlˈæk sɛs/
adjective, Computers.


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  • Serial ata

    Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

  • Serial-comma

    noun 1. series comma. series comma noun 1. a comma used after the next-to-last item in a series of three or more items when the next-to-last and last items are separated by a conjunction. In the series A, B, C, or D, the comma after C is the series comma. noun a comma preceding the […]

  • Serial communications

    communications Communication via a single channel that delivers one bit of data at a time, in contrast to parallel communications where multiple serial channels are combined, either physically (e.g. multiple cores in a cable) or by multiplexing.

  • Serial correlation

    noun 1. (statistics) another name for autocorrelation

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