Serial processing

serial processing definition

A technique for solving problems in which a computer begins at the start and works through to the end in a linear fashion. (Compare parallel processing.)

sequential processing

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  • Serial processor

    architecture A computer whose central processing unit performs a single machine-level operation at a time. This term would be used mostly in contrast to a parallel processor. (2008-03-14)

  • Serial-rights

    plural noun 1. commercial rights to publish an author’s work, usually a novel, or to use it on radio or television one chapter or episode at a time.

  • Serial scanning

    medicine Performing more than two CT scans on a patient in 24 hours. (2007-12-22)

  • Serial section

    serial section n. One of a number of consecutive histological sections.

  • Serial storage architecture

    storage (SSA) IBM’s proposed ANSI standard for a standard high-speed interface to disk clusters and arrays. SSA allows full-duplex packet multiplexed serial data transfers at rates of 20Mb/sec in each direction. According to John Taylor, programme manager at IBM’s Storage Division at Havant, SSA will be used in arrays of discs working with high-end computers […]

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