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a group of organisms, microorganisms, or cells distinguished by their shared specific antigens as determined by serologic testing.
the set of antigens that characterizes the group.
verb (used with object), serotyped, serotyping.
to classify by serotype.
(med) a category into which material, usually a bacterium, is placed based on its serological activity, esp in terms of the antigens it contains or the antibodies produced against it

serotype se·ro·type (sēr’ə-tīp’, sěr’-)
See serovar. v. se·ro·typed, se·ro·typ·ing, se·ro·types
To classify according to serovar; assign to a particular serovar.


Read Also:

  • Serous

    adjective 1. resembling serum; of a watery nature. 2. containing or secreting serum. 3. of, relating to, or characterized by serum. adjective 1. of, resembling, producing, or containing serum serous se·rous (sēr’əs) adj. Containing, secreting, or resembling serum.

  • Serous cell

    serous cell n. A cell, especially of the salivary gland, that secretes a watery albuminlike fluid.

  • Serous cyst

    serous cyst n. A cyst, such as a hygroma, containing clear serous fluid.

  • Serous-fluid

    noun 1. any of various clear, watery fluids in the body. serous fluid noun 1. a thin watery fluid found in many body cavities, esp those lined with serous membrane serous fluid n. Any of various body fluids resembling serum, especially lymph.

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