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finely or minutely serrate, as a leaf.
(esp of leaves) minutely serrate


Read Also:

  • Serrulation

    noun 1. serrulate condition or form. 2. a fine or minute serration. noun 1. any of the notches in a serrulate object 2. the condition of being serrulate

  • Serrurerie

    noun, French. 1. ornamental wrought-iron work.

  • Serry

    verb (used with or without object), serried, serrying. Archaic. 1. to crowd closely together.

  • Sert

    noun 1. José María [haw-se mah-ree-ah] /hɔˈsɛ mɑˈri ɑ/ (Show IPA), 1876–1945, Spanish painter.

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