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Set of wheels

set of wheels


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  • Seton

    noun, Surgery. 1. a thread or the like inserted beneath the skin to provide drainage or to guide subsequent passage of a tube. noun 1. Saint Elizabeth Ann (Bayley) (“Mother Seton”) 1774–1821, U.S. educator, social-welfare reformer, and religious leader: first native-born American to be canonized (1975). 2. Ernest Thompson, 1860–1946, English writer and illustrator in […]

  • Set one back

    see: set back , def. 1; 2.

  • Setose

    adjective 1. covered with setae or bristles; bristly. adjective 1. (biology) covered with setae; bristly

  • Setout

    noun, Informal. 1. preparations, especially for beginning a journey. 2. start or outset. 3. things set or laid out for use or display, as food on a table. 4. getup or outfit. 5. an entertaining event.

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