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adjective, shapelier, shapeliest.
having a pleasing shape, especially with reference to a woman’s figure.
adjective -lier, -liest
(esp of a woman’s body or legs) pleasing or attractive in shape


Read Also:

  • Shape memory

    noun the ability of a material to be altered and then return to its original shape when heated, etc. Usage Note used esp. for alloys

  • Shapen

    adjective 1. having a designated shape (usually used in combination): a sprawling, ill-shapen building.

  • Shape-note

    noun 1. a musical note in which the degree of the scale is indicated by the shape of the note’s head.

  • Shape-note singing

    [sheyp-noht] /ˈʃeɪpˌnoʊt/ noun 1. a traditional style of a capella singing using shape-note notation.

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