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embarrassed or bashful, as by having done something wrong or foolish.
like sheep, as in meekness, docility, etc.
abashed or embarrassed, esp through looking foolish or being in the wrong
resembling a sheep in timidity or lack of initiative


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  • Sheep-ked

    noun 1. sheeptick. noun 1. a wingless, bloodsucking, dipterous insect, Melophagus ovinus, that is parasitic on sheep. noun 1. a wingless dipterous fly, Melophagus ovinus, that is an external parasite of sheep: family Hippoboscidae

  • Sheep-laurel

    noun 1. a low North American shrub, Kalmia angustifolia, of the heath family, having oblong leaves poisonous to grazing animals.

  • Sheeple

    noun (functioning as pl) 1. (informal) people who tend to follow the majority in matters of opinion, taste, etc

  • Sheeplike

    noun, plural sheep. 1. any of numerous ruminant mammals of the genus Ovis, of the family Bovidae, closely related to the goats, especially O. aries, bred in a number of domesticated varieties. 2. leather made from the skin of these animals. 3. a meek, unimaginative, or easily led person. Idioms 4. separate the sheep from […]

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