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Forrest Percival, 1896–1951, U.S. naval officer.
James Schoolcraft
[skool-kraft,, -krahft] /ˈskulˌkræft,, -ˌkrɑft/ (Show IPA), 1855–1912, vice president of the U.S. 1909–12.
John, 1823–1900, U.S. statesman (brother of William T.).
Roger, 1721–93, American statesman.
Stuart Pratt, 1881–1926, U.S. critic and educator.
William Tecumseh, 1820–91, Union general in the Civil War.
a city in NE Texas.
Mount, a mountain in central Colorado, in the Park Range, in the Rocky Mountains. 14,036 feet (4278 meters).
a male given name.
U.S. Military. a 34-ton medium tank of World War II, with a 75mm gun and a crew of four.
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William Tecumseh (tɪˈkʌmsə). 1820–91, American Union commander during the Civil War. He led the victorious march through Georgia (1864), becoming commander of the army in 1869


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