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a radio disc jockey or host who features offensive or controversial material.
(informal) a radio disc jockey who is deliberately controversial or provocative


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  • Shock lung

    shock lung n. The development of edema, impaired perfusion, and reduction in alveolar space so that the alveoli collapse, occurring during shock. Also called pump lung.

  • Shockproof

    adjective 1. Also, shock-proof. (of timepieces, machinery, etc.) protected against damage resulting from anticipated shocks. verb (used with object) 2. to protect (timepieces, machinery, etc.) against damage resulting from anticipated shocks. adjective 1. capable of absorbing shock without damage: a shockproof watch

  • Shock-radio

    noun 1. broadcasting by a commercial radio station whose humor includes tasteless jokes, sexual innuendo, and ethnic insults.

  • Shock-resistant

    [shok-ri-zis-tuh nt] /ˈʃɒk rɪˌzɪs tənt/ adjective 1. strong or resilient enough to sustain minor impacts without damage to the internal mechanism: a shock-resistant watch.

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