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Shopping therapy


See retail therapy


Read Also:

  • Shop-right

    noun, Patent Law. 1. the right of an employer to use an employee’s invention without compensating the employee for the use, in cases where the invention was made at the place of and during the hours of employment.

  • Shopsoiled

    adjective 1. worn, faded, tarnished, etc, from being displayed in a shop or store US word shopworn 2. no longer new or fresh

  • Shop-steward

    noun 1. a unionized employee elected to represent a shop, department, or the like, in dealings with an employer. shop steward noun 1. a coworker elected by trade union members to represent them in discussions and negotiations with the management

  • Shoptalk

    noun 1. the specialized vocabulary having to do with work or a field of work: I don’t understand electronics shoptalk. 2. talk about one’s work or occupation, especially after the workday is over. noun 1. conversation concerning one’s work, esp when carried on outside business hours

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