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of or relating to Siam, its people, or their language.
Thai (def 3).
twin; closely connected; similar.
Informal. dual; combined; twofold or two-way:
a Siamese sprinkler.
noun, plural Siamese.
a native of Siam.
Thai (def 2).
Siamese cat.
(usually lowercase) a standpipe placed outside a building close to ground level, having two or more openings so that fire engines can pump water to the sprinkler system of the building.
noun (pl) -mese
See Siamese cat
characteristic of, relating to, or being a Siamese twin
adjective, noun
another word for Thai


Read Also:

  • Siamese-cat

    noun 1. one of a breed of slender, short-haired cats, raised originally in Siam, having a fawn or grayish body with extremities of a darker shade of the same color. noun 1. a short-haired breed of cat with a tapering tail, blue eyes, and dark ears, mask, tail, and paws

  • Siamese-fighting-fish

    noun 1. a labyrinth fish, Betta splendens, that has been bred for centuries to develop brilliant coloration, very long fins, and pugnacity. Siamese fighting fish noun 1. a brightly coloured labyrinth fish, Betta splendens, of Thailand and Malaysia, having large sail-like fins: the males are very pugnacious

  • Siamese-twin

    noun 1. (not in technical use) conjoined twin. Siamese twin Si·a·mese twin (sī’ə-mēz’, -mēs’) n. Either of a pair conjoined twins. No longer in technical use.

  • Sian

    noun 1. Older Spelling. Xian. noun 1. a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Xi’an

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