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Sick note

(Brit, informal) a document given to an employer certifying that an employee’s absence from work of more than four days was due to illness. If the absence is for more than seven days the note must be signed by a doctor See also self-certification


Read Also:

  • Sicko

    noun, plural sickos. Slang. 1. sickie (def 1). noun (pl) sickos 1. a person who is mentally disturbed or perverted adjective 2. perverted or in bad taste: sicko prurience sick

  • Sickout

    noun 1. an organized absence from work by employees on the pretext of sickness, as to avoid the legal problems or antistrike clauses that would be invoked in the case of a formal strike.

  • Sick-out

    noun 1. a form of industrial action in which all workers in a factory, etc, report sick simultaneously verb 2. (intransitive, adverb) to take part in such action sick joke

  • Sick-pay

    noun 1. wages or other compensation received from an employer during an illness. noun 1. wages paid to an employee while he is on sick leave

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