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somewhat sick or ill.
somewhat sickening or nauseating.


Read Also:

  • Sick joke

    sick him An anecdote intended to be humorous but actually in very bad taste, as in His stories turn out to be sick jokes about people who are handicapped in some way. [ ; mid-1900s ]

  • Sickle

    noun 1. an implement for cutting grain, grass, etc., consisting of a curved, hooklike blade mounted in a short handle. 2. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. a group of stars in the constellation Leo, likened to this implement in formation. noun 1. an implement for cutting grass, corn, etc, having a curved blade and a short […]

  • Sick-leave

    noun 1. leave from duty, work, or the like, granted because of illness. noun 1. leave of absence from work through illness sick leave n. Paid absence from work allowed an employee because of sickness.

  • Sicklebill

    noun 1. any of various birds having a long, curved bill, as the long-billed curlew or curve-billed thrasher. noun 1. any of various birds having a markedly curved bill, such as Falculea palliata, a Madagascan bird of the family Vangidae, Hemignathus procerus, a Hawaiian honey creeper, and certain hummingbirds and birds of paradise

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