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the soft, lustrous fiber obtained as a filament from the cocoon of the silkworm.
thread made from this fiber.
cloth made from this fiber.
a garment of this cloth.
a gown of such material worn distinctively by a King’s or Queen’s Counsel at the English bar.
silks, the blouse and peaked cap, considered together, worn by a jockey or sulky driver in a race.
Informal. a parachute, especially one opened aloft.
any fiber or filamentous matter resembling silk, as a filament produced by certain spiders, the thread of a mollusk, or the like.
the hairlike styles on an ear of corn.
British Informal.

a King’s or Queen’s Counsel.
any barrister of high rank.

made of silk.
resembling silk; silky.
of or relating to silk.
verb (used without object)
(of corn) to be in the course of developing silk.
hit the silk, Slang. to parachute from an aircraft; bail out.
take silk, British. to become a Queen’s or King’s Counsel.
the very fine soft lustrous fibre produced by a silkworm to make its cocoon

thread or fabric made from this fibre
(as modifier): a silk dress

a garment made of this
a very fine fibre produced by a spider to build its web, nest, or cocoon
the tuft of long fine styles on an ear of maize

the gown worn by a Queen’s (or King’s) Counsel
(informal) a Queen’s (or King’s) Counsel
take silk, to become a Queen’s (or King’s) Counsel

(intransitive) (US & Canadian) (of maize) to develop long hairlike styles

A fiber produced by silkworms to form cocoons. Silk is strong, flexible, and fibrous, and is essentially a long continuous strand of protein. It is widely used to make thread and fabric.

A substance similar to the silk of the silkworm but produced by other insect larvae or by spiders to spin webs.

silent but deadly

Heb. demeshek, “damask,” silk cloth manufactured at Damascus, Amos 3:12. A.V., “in the corner of a bed, and in Damascus in a couch;” R.V., “in the corner of a couch, and on the silken cushions of a bed” (marg., “in Damascus on a bed”). Heb. meshi, (Ezek. 16:10, 13, rendered “silk”). In Gen. 41:42 (marg. A.V.), Prov. 31:22 (R.V., “fine linen”), the word “silk” ought to be “fine linen.” Silk was common in New Testament times (Rev. 18:12).


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