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noun, Slang.
a dollar.


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    [sahy-muh n boh-kuh-ney-gruh, -neg-ruh] /ˈsaɪ mən ˌboʊ kəˈneɪ grə, -ˈnɛg rə/ noun 1. an opera (1857) by Giuseppe Verdi.

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    noun 1. Simón [sahy-muh n;; Spanish see-mawn] /ˈsaɪ mən;; Spanish siˈmɔn/ (Show IPA), (“El Libertador”) 1783–1830, Venezuelan statesman: leader of revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule. 2. Pico, a mountain in W Venezuela, in the Cordillera Mérida: highest elevation in Venezuela. 16,411 feet (5007 meters). noun 1. Simon (siˈmon). 1783–1830, South American soldier […]

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    language A simulation language by A. Hoare et al. based on Pascal. [“Quasiparallel Programming”, W.H. Kaubisch et al, Soft Prac & Exp 6:341-356 1976]. [C.A.R. Hoare?] (1996-01-18)

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