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noun, plural sinciputs, sincipita
[sin-sip-i-tuh] /sɪnˈsɪp ɪ tə/ (Show IPA). Anatomy.
the forepart of the skull.
the upper part of the skull.
noun (pl) sinciputs, sincipita (sɪnˈsɪpɪtə)
(anatomy) the forward upper part of the skull

sinciput sin·ci·put (sĭn’sə-pət)
n. pl. sin·ci·puts or sin·cip·i·ta (sĭn-sĭp’ĭ-tə)

The upper half of the cranium, especially the anterior portion above and including the forehead.

The forehead.

sin·cip’i·tal (-sĭp’ĭ-tl) adj.


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