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(informal) the state of being unmarried or not involved in a long-term relationship


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  • Single edge contact

    hardware (SEC) The type of cartridge in which a Pentium II is packaged. [Other uses?] (1999-02-15)

  • Single edge contact cartridge

    hardware (SEC, SECC) The cased daughterboard housing Intel’s Pentium II, Pentium III, and Xeon microprocessors. A SECC fits into a Slot 1 or Slot 2 connector. [SECC 2?] (1999-08-05)

  • Single edge processor package

    hardware (SEPP) The caseless daughterboard containing Intel’s Celeron processor. A SEPP fits into a Slot 1 connector. (1999-08-04)

  • Single-electron transistor

    quantum dot

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