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unsinkable, as a ship.


Read Also:

  • Sink through the floor

    Suffer extreme embarrassment, as in When she called our name on the list of those who owed dues, I sank through the floor. This hyperbolic term dates from the early 1900s.

  • Sinless

    adjective 1. free from or without sin. adjective 1. free from sin or guilt; innocent; pure

  • Sinner

    noun 1. a person who sins; transgressor.

  • Sinn-fein

    noun 1. a political organization in Ireland, founded about 1905, advocating the complete political separation from Great Britain of a unified Ireland. 2. a member of this organization. noun 1. an Irish republican political movement founded about 1905 and linked to the revolutionary Irish Republican Army: divided into a Provisional and an Official movement since […]

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