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a person who sins; transgressor.


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  • Sinn-fein

    noun 1. a political organization in Ireland, founded about 1905, advocating the complete political separation from Great Britain of a unified Ireland. 2. a member of this organization. noun 1. an Irish republican political movement founded about 1905 and linked to the revolutionary Irish Republican Army: divided into a Provisional and an Official movement since […]

  • Sinningia

    noun 1. any of various tropical American plants belonging to the genus Sinningia, of the gesneria family, including the gloxinia and other species cultivated as houseplants for their variously colored flowers.

  • Sino

    1. a combining form representing sinus, in compound words: sinorespiratory. 1. a combining form meaning “Chinese”: Sino-Tibetan; Sinology. combining form 1. Chinese: Sino-Tibetan, Sinology

  • Sinoatrial

    sinoatrial si·no·a·tri·al (sī’nō-ā’trē-əl) or si·nu·a·tri·al (sī’nōō-ā’trē-əl, -nyōō-, sĭn’yōō-) adj. Abbr. S-A Relating to the venous sinus and the right atrium of the heart.

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