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having many curves, bends, or turns; winding:
a sinuous path.
indirect; devious:
sinuous questions.
characterized by a series of graceful curving motions:
a sinuous dance.
Botany. sinuate, as a leaf.
full of turns or curves; intricate
devious; not straightforward
supple; lithe


Read Also:

  • Sinus

    noun, plural sinuses. 1. a curve; bend. 2. a curving part or recess. 3. Anatomy. any of various cavities, recesses, or passages, as a hollow in a bone, or a reservoir or channel for venous blood. one of the hollow cavities in the skull connecting with the nasal cavities. an expanded area in a canal […]

  • Sinus arrest

    sinus arrest n. A pause or cessation of cardiac sinus pacemaker activity.

  • Sinus arrhythmia

    sinus arrhythmia n. Irregularity of the heartbeat due to a variation in the sinus rhythm.

  • Sinus block

    sinus block n. See sinoatrial block.

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