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Mathematics. of or relating to a sinusoid.
having a magnitude that varies as the sine of an independent variable:
a sinusoidal current.
(maths) of or relating to a sine curve
(physics) having a magnitude that varies as a sine curve


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  • Sinusoidal-projection

    noun, Cartography. 1. an equal-area projection in which parallels are straight lines spaced at regular intervals, the central meridian is a straight line one-half the length of the equator, and the other meridians are curves symmetrical to the central meridian. sinusoidal projection noun 1. an equal-area map projection on which all parallels are straight lines […]

  • Sinus pause

    sinus pause n. A spontaneous interruption in the regular sinus rhythm lasting for a period that is not an exact multiple of the sinus cycle.

  • Sinus rhythm

    sinus rhythm n. A normal cardiac rhythm proceeding from the sinoatrial node.

  • Sinus-sabaeus

    [see-nuh s sa-bee-uh s, sahy-] /ˈsi nəs sæˈbi əs, ˈsaɪ-/ noun 1. an area in the southern hemisphere and near the equator of Mars, appearing dark when viewed telescopically from the earth.

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