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Astronomy. the Dog Star, the brightest-appearing star in the heavens, located in the constellation Canis Major.
Also, Seirios. Classical Mythology.

the dog of Orion.
Icarius’ faithful dog, who was changed into a star.

the brightest star in the sky after the sun, lying in the constellation Canis Major. It is a binary star whose companion, Sirius B, is a very faint white dwarf. Distance: 8.6 light years Also called the Dog Star, Canicula, Sothis, related adjectives canicular cynic
The brightest star seen in the night sky. It is in the constellation Canis Major. It is a white main-sequence star on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, with an apparent magnitude of -1.5. Sirius is a binary star, and its companion is a white dwarf star referred to as the Pup. Sirius is also known as the Dog Star. Scientific name: Alpha Canis.


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