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of considerable size; fairly large:
He inherited a sizable fortune.
Obsolete. of convenient or suitable size.
quite large


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  • Sizeably

    adjective 1. sizable.

  • Sized

    adjective 1. having size as specified (often used in combination): middle-sized. noun 1. the spatial dimensions, proportions, magnitude, or bulk of anything: the size of a farm; the size of the fish you caught. 2. considerable or great magnitude: to seek size rather than quality. 3. one of a series of graduated measures for articles […]

  • Sizeism

    noun 1. discrimination on the basis of a person’s size, esp against people considered to be overweight noun discrimination against someone on the basis of their physical size Examples When someone says “he has a Napoleon complex”, that is sizeism.

  • Size queen

    noun 1. (slang) a man or woman who prefers a sexual partner with a large penis six ways to Sunday

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