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a heavy, thick-soled, ankle-high shoe for skiing, often having padding and extra supporting straps and laces around the ankle, with grooves at the back of the heel for binding to a ski.


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  • Ski bunny

    noun a female ski enthusiast; also called snow bunny Word Origin 1952 Usage Note slang skewgee snowball’s chance in hell, a

  • Skidbladnir

    noun, Scandinavian Mythology. 1. the huge collapsible ship, made by two dwarfs for Frey, that always had a favoring wind.

  • Skid-chain

    noun 1. tire chain. noun 1. a chain fitting over the tire of a car, truck, or other vehicle, to increase traction and prevent skidding on roads covered with ice or snow.

  • Skidded

    noun 1. a plank, bar, log, or the like, especially one of a pair, on which something heavy may be slid or rolled along. 2. one of a number of such logs or timbers forming a skidway. 3. a low mobile platform on which goods are placed for ease in handling, moving, etc. Compare stillage. […]

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