an act or instance of hijacking an aircraft.
to (an airliner), especially in order to hold the passengers and plane for ransom or for political reasons.
Contemporary Examples

The interrogation of the skyjacking theory would start with the choice of airport, and the choice of the flight.
The Tripwire on Flight 370 Clive Irving March 16, 2014

(transitive) to commandeer (an aircraft), usually at gunpoint during flight, forcing the pilot to fly somewhere other than to the scheduled destination

“to hijack an airplane,” 1961, apparently coined in New York “Mirror” headlines, from sky (n.) + second element of hijack (q.v.).


An imaginary hook in the sky, which explains why some things stay up, which solves the problems of keeping some things up, etc: How will I hold up the roof when I fix the wall? On a skyhook, of course (1915+)
A high hook shot at the basket (1980s+ Basketball)

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