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Sleeping sickness

Also called African sleeping sickness, African trypanosomiasis. a generally fatal disease, common in parts of Africa, characterized by fever, wasting, and progressive lethargy: caused by a parasitic protozoan, Trypanosoma gambiense or T. rhodesiense, that is carried by a tsetse fly, Glossina palpalis.
Also called epidemic encephalitis, lethargic encephalitis. a viral disease affecting the brain, characterized by apathy, sleepiness, extreme muscular weakness, and impairment of vision.
Historical Examples

These districts have been known for a number of years, long before the sleeping sickness became known.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

“That’s sleeping sickness all right,” said Hamilton bitterly.
Bones Edgar Wallace

“sleeping sickness” is a late stage when the organisms have invaded the cerebrospinal fluid.
A Manual of Clinical Diagnosis James Campbell Todd

Pee-wee said, Some engines have the sleeping sickness and they wont go at all.
Roy Blakeley’s Motor Caravan Percy Keese Fitzhugh

sleeping sickness is very insidious, Brand, but always fatal.
Left Half Harmon Ralph Henry Barbour

And they have been killed—not dying by the sleeping sickness?
Samba Herbert Strang

If he is threatened with sleeping sickness, it would be rash to expose him to a tropical climate.
Poor Relations Compton Mackenzie

We have lost a few by the sleeping sickness, but only a few.
Samba Herbert Strang

Youve been so awfully sympathetic about my sleeping sickness, Mart, that I just cant bear to see you troubled like this.
Left Half Harmon Ralph Henry Barbour

He then sends for you and throws out a suggestion of sleeping sickness.
The Mystery of 31 New Inn R. Austin Freeman

Also called African sleeping sickness. an African disease caused by infection with protozoans of the genus Trypanosoma, characterized by fever, wasting, and sluggishness
Also called (esp formerly) sleepy sickness. an epidemic viral form of encephalitis characterized by extreme drowsiness Technical name encephalitis lethargica

sleeping sickness n.
See encephalitis lethargica.
sleeping sickness

An often fatal protozoan infection prevalent in tropical Africa, caused by either of two trypanosomes spread by the bite of the tsetse fly and characterized by fever and extreme lethargy.

Encephalitis that is caused by any of various viruses and is characterized by lethargy and extreme muscular weakness.


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