Slip flow

(physics) gas flow occurring at hypersonic speeds in which molecular shearing occurs

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  • Slip-form

    noun, Civil Engineering. 1. a form into which concrete is poured that can be slowly moved and reused in construction, as of a pavement or a building.

  • Slip gauge

    noun 1. a very accurately ground block of hardened steel used to measure a gap with close accuracy: used mainly in tool-making and inspection

  • Slip-indicator

    noun 1. bank indicator. bank indicator noun, Aeronautics. 1. a flight instrument that measures the angle of roll about an aircraft’s horizontal axis, thereby indicating whether or not the aircraft is skidding or slipping.

  • Sliping

    noun 1. a sledge, drag, or sleigh. verb (used with object), sliped, sliping. 2. to peel or strip the outer coating from, especially to peel bark from (a tree or twig). 3. to slice. noun 1. (NZ) wool removed from the pelt of a slaughtered sheep by immersion in a chemical bath (as modifier): slipe […]

  • Slip-joint

    noun 1. a joint made between an older and a newer masonry wall to form a continuous surface, masonry at the end of the newer wall fitting into a vertical groove cut in the end of the older wall.

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