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smoke or other atmospheric pollutants combined with fog in an unhealthy or irritating mixture.
photochemical smog.
verb (used with object)
to cover or envelop with or as if with smog.
a mixture of smoke, fog, and chemical fumes

smog (smŏg)

Fog that has become mixed and polluted with smoke.

A form of air pollution produced when sunlight causes hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from automotive emissions to combine in a photochemical reaction.


A form of air pollution produced by the reaction of sunlight with hydrocarbons, nitrogen compounds, and other gases primarily released in automobile exhaust. Smog is common in large urban areas, especially during hot, sunny weather, where it appears as a brownish haze that can irritate the eyes and lungs. Ozone, a toxic gas that is not normally produced at lower atmospheric levels, is one of the primary pollutants created in this kind of smog. Also called photochemical smog.

Fog that has become polluted with smoke and particulates, especially from burning coal.

smog definition

A haze or fog composed of water vapor, complex molecules, and suspended particles.

Note: In North America, the primary cause of smog is pollution from automobile exhaust.

Note: The Los Angeles basin, where pollutants can be trapped by inversions and the surrounding mountains, has frequent problems with smog, as do other major urban areas.

Note: The word smog is a combination of smoke and fog.

smoke and fog


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