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Snow bunny


See ski bunny
snowball’s chance in hell, a


Read Also:

  • Snow-broth

    noun 1. melted snow. 2. a mixture of snow and water. 3. ice-cold liquid.

  • Snow bridge

    noun 1. (mountaineering) a mass of snow bridging a crevasse, sometimes affording a risky way across it

  • Snowbound

    adjective 1. shut in or immobilized by snow. adjective 1. confined to one place by heavy falls or drifts of snow; snowed-in

  • Snubbing

    verb (used with object), snubbed, snubbing. 1. to treat with disdain or contempt, especially by ignoring. 2. to check or reject with a sharp rebuke or remark. 3. to check or stop suddenly (a rope or cable that is running out). 4. to check (a boat, an unbroken horse, etc.) by means of a rope […]

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