Snow Bunny

a s-xy white girl who has a -ss/thick in the right places an only dates/worships black men
“once you go black you don’t go back”
“beth have you been with a black guy yet? beth:yes thats why i’m a snow bunny in a wheelchair(laughs)”
urban coloquial for cauc-ssean women.
yo, that snow bunny has an -ss like a sista.
1.) a white female; this expression is commonly used to describe a white female who mingles amoung black males
2.) can be used as a sign of approval
“i got a snow bunny and a black girl too, you pay da right price and they’ll both do you.” -terrance howard
hot white girls who like black guys
no, i don’t like snowbunnys, i only date sistas.
very s-xy white girl who dates or is married to a black guy
the other day my boyfriend said he told his friend on his cell phone that his snowbunny was at his house
usually a despription of attractive or not, white/caucasin female(s).
” d-mn look at that group of fine -ss snow bunnies over there marcus.”
a fine -ss white chick who’s got s-xy curves goin’ on.
“that snowbunny is fine as h-ll like at that phat -ss”
hot chicks found on the snow slopes of the world.
check out those snow bunnies coming off the chair lift. even those baggy boarder pants can’t hide the quality of their -sses.

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