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469?–399 b.c, Athenian philosopher.
Contemporary Examples

Like Socrates, Street Epistemologists are to understand themselves as inquisitive teachers, not combative lecturers.
Atheist Philosopher Peter Boghossian’s Guide to Converting Believers Michael Schulson November 1, 2013

The unexamined life is not worth living, according to Socrates.
London’s Sober Goodbye to Margaret Thatcher Jamie Dettmer April 16, 2013

For Socrates, the puzzle of politics and “ideology” could not be unraveled without understanding what ruled human souls.
Everything Is Politics to the Right, Even Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death James Poulos February 10, 2014

Then, too, as Socrates (overstatingly) said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”
The Intellectual Crash of 2009 Lee Siegel March 24, 2009

As the story goes, Socrates engaged the cobbler and the local youth in philosophical discussions while Simon worked.
Intervals: Futurefarmers at the Guggenheim Paul Laster May 5, 2011

Historical Examples

But why, instead of consulting us, do you not consult our friend Socrates about the education of the youths?
Laches Plato

“The name of Socrates recalls Alcibiades to my mind,” rejoined Anaxagoras.
Philothea Lydia Maria Child

He was one of the youngest of the Senate at the time of Socrates’ arraignment.
Concord Days A. Bronson Alcott

Socrates said, “Let him that would move the world move first himself. ”
Self-Help Samuel Smiles

Such men, Socrates reflected, were both unwise and confirmed in their folly through being unconscious of it.
The Approach to Philosophy Ralph Barton Perry

?470–399 bc, Athenian philosopher, whose beliefs are known only through the writings of his pupils Plato and Xenophon. He taught that virtue was based on knowledge, which was attained by a dialectical process that took into account many aspects of a stated hypothesis. He was indicted for impiety and corruption of youth (399) and was condemned to death. He refused to flee and died by drinking hemlock
Socrates [(sok-ruh-teez)]

An ancient Greek philosopher who was the teacher of Plato.

Note: Socrates said that an oracle of the gods had pronounced him the wisest of all people, because he knew how little he knew.

Note: The Socratic method of teaching proceeds by question and answer as opposed to lecture.

Note: When Socrates was an old man, the citizens of Athens condemned him to death, alleging that he denied the reality of the gods and corrupted the youth of Athens. Socrates calmly drank the poison he was given — hemlock — and died a noble death.


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