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Software practice and experience

(SPE) A journal about software.
[Publisher? UK?]


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  • Software productivity centre

    body (SPC) A non-profit organisation based in Vancouver, BC, Canada with the mandate to assist software developers to improve their software engineering process. (1998-10-13)

  • Software publishing corporation

    company (SPC) The company that produces Harvard Graphics. (http://spco.com/). (1998-10-13)

  • Software reliability

    See also formal methods, safety-critical system. (ftp://ftp.sei.cmu.edu/pub/depend-sw). Mailing list: depend-sw@sei.cmu.edu. [Summary?]

  • Software rot

    programming The tendency of software that has not been used in a while to fail; such failure may be semi-humorously ascribed to bit rot. More commonly, “software rot” strikes when a program’s assumptions become out of date. If the design was insufficiently robust, this may cause it to fail in mysterious ways. For example, owing […]

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