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carefully or elegantly done, operated, or designed.
well-groomed; elegant


Read Also:

  • Soilage

    noun 1. grass or leafy plants raised as feed for fenced-in livestock. noun 1. an act or instance of soiling. 2. the condition of being soiled. noun 1. green fodder, esp when freshly cut and fed to livestock in a confined area

  • Soil-bank

    noun 1. a plan providing cash payments to farmers who cut production of certain surplus crops in favor of soil-enriching ones. noun 1. (in the US) a federal programme by which farmers are paid to divert land to soil-enriching crops

  • Soil-binder

    noun 1. a plant that prevents or inhibits erosion by providing a ground cover and forming a dense network of roots that hold the soil.

  • Soil-conditioner

    noun 1. any of various organic or inorganic materials added to soil to improve its structure.

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