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verb (used with object)
to heat (a building) by means of solar energy.


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  • Solar-house

    noun 1. a house designed to absorb and store solar heat.

  • Solarimeter

    noun 1. an instrument for measuring solar radiation. noun 1. any of various instruments for measuring solar radiation, as by use of a bolometer or thermopile Also called pyranometer

  • Solaris

    operating system Sun Microsystems, Inc.’s version of the Unix operating system. As well as the core operating system, Solaris inludes networking software, the Java Virtual Machine, the CDE/Desktop that includes an X11-based windowing environment and graphical user interface. Sun claim that Solaris is not just an operating system but an “operating environment”. Solaris 1.x was […]

  • Solarism

    noun 1. the interpretation of myths by reference to the sun, especially such interpretation carried to an extreme. noun 1. the explanation of myths in terms of the movements and influence of the sun

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