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Somatosensory cortex

somatosensory cortex n.
Variant of somatic sensory cortex.


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  • Somatosexual

    somatosexual so·mat·o·sex·u·al (sō-māt’ə-sěk’shōō-əl, sō’mə-tə-) adj. Relating to the physical or physiological aspects of sexuality.

  • Somatostatin

    [suh-mat-uh-stat-n, soh-muh-tuh-] /səˌmæt əˈstæt n, ˌsoʊ mə tə-/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a polypeptide hormone, produced in the brain and pancreas, that inhibits secretion of somatotropin from the hypothalamus and inhibits insulin production by the pancreas. somatostatin /ˌsəʊmətəˈstætɪn/ noun 1. a peptide hormone that prevents the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland somatostatin so·mat·o·stat·in […]

  • Somatostatinoma

    somatostatinoma so·mat·o·stat·i·no·ma (sō-māt’ə-stāt’n-ō’mə, sō’mə-tə-) n. A somatostatin-secreting tumor of the pancreatic islets.

  • Somatotonia

    noun 1. a personality type characterized by assertiveness and energy: said to be correlated with a mesomorph body type Compare cerebrotonia, viscerotonia

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