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pertaining to sound; sonic.


Read Also:

  • Sonance

    noun 1. the condition or quality of being sonant. 2. a sound; a tune.

  • Sonant

    adjective 1. sounding; having sound. 2. Phonetics. voiced (opposed to surd). noun, Phonetics. 3. a speech sound that by itself makes a syllable or subordinates to itself the other sounds in the syllable; a syllabic sound (opposed to consonant). 4. a voiced sound (opposed to surd). 5. (in Indo-European) a sonorant. adjective 1. (phonetics) denoting […]

  • Sonar

    noun 1. a method for detecting and locating objects submerged in water by echolocation. 2. the apparatus used in sonar. noun 1. a communication and position-finding device used in underwater navigation and target detection using echolocation sonar (sō’när’) Short for sound navigation and ranging. A method of detecting, locating, and determining the speed of objects […]

  • Sonarman

    noun, plural sonarmen. U.S. Navy. 1. a petty officer who operates and maintains sonar.

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