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Sour on

Become disenchanted with, take a dislike to, as in At first they liked the new supervisor, but now they’ve soured on her. [ c. 1860 ]


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  • Sour-orange

    noun 1. See under orange (def 2). noun 1. a globose, reddish-yellow, bitter or sweet, edible citrus fruit. 2. any white-flowered, evergreen citrus trees of the genus Citrus, bearing this fruit, as C. aurantium (bitter orange, Seville orange, or sour orange) and C. sinensis (sweet orange) cultivated in warm countries. 3. any of several other […]

  • Sourpuss

    noun, Informal. 1. a person having a grouchy disposition that is often accompanied by a scowling facial expression. noun 1. (informal) a person whose facial expression or nature is habitually gloomy or sullen sour

  • Sour-salt

    noun 1. crystals of citric acid used as a flavoring in foods, carbonated beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Soursop

    noun 1. the large, dark-green, slightly acid, pulpy fruit of a small West Indian tree, Annona muricata, of the annona family. 2. the tree itself. noun 1. a small West Indian tree, Annona muricata, having large spiny fruit: family Annonaceae 2. the fruit of this tree, which has a tart edible pulp Compare sweetsop

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