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any processed foodstuff made from soybeans

Tofu, soy milk, tempeh, and textured soy protein are examples of soyfood.
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  • Soyinka

    noun 1. Wole [woh-ley] /ˈwoʊ leɪ/ (Show IPA), born 1934, Nigerian playwright, novelist, and poet: Nobel prize 1986. noun 1. Wole (ˈwoːle). born 1934, Nigerian dramatist, novelist, poet, and literary critic. His works include the plays The Strong Breed (1963), The Road (1965), and Kongi’s Harvest (1966), the novel The Interpreters (1965), and the political […]

  • Soy milk

    noun an iron-rich milk-like liquid from soaked, ground, and pressed soybeans Examples Soy milk is cholesterol-free and low in calcium, fat and sodium. It makes an excellent milk substitute. Usage Note cooking

  • Soy protein

    noun See vegetable protein

  • Soy-sauce

    noun 1. a salty, fermented sauce much used on fish and other dishes in the Orient, prepared from soybeans. noun 1. a salty dark brown sauce made from fermented soya beans, used esp in Japanese and Chinese cookery Also called soya sauce

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