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noun, plural (especially collectively) spadefish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) spadefishes.
a deep-bodied marine fish of the genus Chaetodipterus, especially C. faber, of Atlantic coastal waters of North America.
noun (pl) -fish, -fishes
any spiny-finned food fish of the family Ephippidae, esp Chaetodipterus faber of American Atlantic coastal waters, having a deeply compressed body


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  • Spadefoot

    noun, plural spadefoots. 1. spadefoot toad.

  • Spade-foot

    noun, Furniture. 1. a square foot, tapering toward its bottom. noun 1. a spadelike projection at the end of a chair leg

  • Spadefoot-toad

    noun 1. any of several nocturnal toads of the family Pelobatidae, common in the Northern Hemisphere, characterized by a horny, spadelike projection on each hind foot for burrowing under the soil.

  • Spadeful

    noun, plural spadefuls. 1. the amount that can be dug out with or carried on a spade.

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