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noun, (used with a plural verb)
Classical Mythology. a group of fully armed warriors who sprang from the dragon’s teeth that Cadmus planted.


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  • Spartiate

    noun 1. a member of the ruling class of ancient Laconia; a Spartan citizen. Compare Helot (def 1), Perioeci.

  • Spar-varnish

    noun 1. a durable, weather-resistant varnish applied to unpainted wooden areas, especially on ships. 2. a varnish made from sulfur, rosin, and linseed oil.

  • Sparver

    noun 1. a tentlike bed curtain or canopy. 2. a bed curtain suspended from a flat, circular covering on the ceiling. 3. a bed having a tentlike curtain or canopy.

  • Spar with

    Argue or debate with, as in You’d never know they were happily married, because they’re constantly sparring with each other. [ Early 1600s ]

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