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an implement with a broad, flat, usually flexible blade, used for blending foods or removing them from cooking utensils, mixing drugs, spreading plasters and paints, etc.
a utensil with a broad flat, often flexible blade, used for lifting, spreading, or stirring foods, etc


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  • Spatulamancy

    noun divination by shoulder blade bone that has been heated to cracked or burned state; also called scapulimancy , scapulomancy , armomancy See armomancy See scapulimancy See scapulomancy Word Origin scapula ‘shoulder blade’

  • Spatulate

    adjective 1. shaped like a spatula; rounded more or less like a spoon. 2. Botany. having a broad, rounded end and a narrow, attenuate base, as a leaf. adjective 1. shaped like a spatula 2. (botany) Also spathulate. having a narrow base and a broad rounded apex: a spatulate leaf spatulate spat·u·late (spāch’ə-lĭt) adj. Having […]

  • Spatzle

    noun, German. 1. spaetzle.

  • Spaulder

    noun, Armor. 1. a pauldron, especially one for protecting only a shoulder.

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