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a small speck, spot, or mark, as on skin.
speckled coloring or marking.
verb (used with object), speckled, speckling.
to mark with or as with speckles.
a small or slight mark usually of a contrasting colour, as on the skin, a bird’s plumage, or eggs
(transitive) to mark with or as if with speckles


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  • Speckled butter bean

    noun See calico bean

  • Speckled-trout

    noun 1. brook trout (def 1). speckled trout noun 1. another name for brook trout

  • Speckled wood

    noun 1. a common woodland brown satyrid butterfly, Pararge aegeria, marked with pale orange or yellowish-white spots

  • Speckle-interferometry

    noun, Astronomy. 1. a photographic technique for clarifying the telescopic images of a star by taking short exposures of the electronic images of the star’s speckle pattern and extrapolating properties of the starlight to create a more accurate composite image. speckle interferometry noun 1. (astronomy) a technique to increase the angular resolution of telescopes that […]

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