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Speech bulb

speech bulb n.
A prosthetic speech aid used to close a cleft or other opening in the hard or soft palate, or to replace absent tissue necessary for the production of good speech.


Read Also:

  • Speech-clinic

    noun 1. a place at which specialists in speech therapy reeducate those with a speech handicap.

  • Speech-community

    noun, Linguistics. 1. the aggregate of all the people who use a given language or dialect. 2. a group of people geographically distributed so that there is no break in intelligibility from place to place. speech community noun 1. a community consisting of all the speakers of a particular language or dialect

  • Speech-correction

    noun 1. the reeducation of speech habits that deviate from accepted speech standards.

  • Speech-form

    noun 1. linguistic form.

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