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[spur-mat-uh-sahyt, spur-muh-tuh-] /spɜrˈmæt əˌsaɪt, ˈspɜr mə tə-/
noun, Cell Biology.
a male germ cell (primary spermatocyte) that gives rise by meiosis to a pair of haploid cells (secondary spermatocytes) that give rise in turn to spermatids.
(zoology) an immature male germ cell, developed from a spermatogonium, that gives rise, by meiosis, to four spermatids
(botany) a male germ cell that develops into an antherozoid

spermatocyte sper·mat·o·cyte (spər-māt’ə-sīt’, spûr’mə-tə-)
A diploid cell that undergoes meiosis to form four spermatids.
sper·mat’o·cyt’al (-sīt’l) adj.
A diploid cell that undergoes meiosis to form four spermatids, cells which then develop into sperm. See more at spermatogenesis.


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